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Professional Organizer

Mackee's  love for organization dates back to childhood. Though it may sound weird, as a child, she loved to have a neat and tidy space with all of her toys and dolls lined up just perfectly and her clothes and shoes put away. It was something about having all of her things in a neat and perfect order got her excited. Over the years, that excitement has turned into a passion that she wants to share with you.

Mackee has always an eye for organization especially when it comes to spaces throughout the home. She has found great joy in not only organizing her own spaces but helping others as well. To see a client’s eyes light up with happiness, after they have decluttered and organized a space, simply warms her heart. For years, what she has considered to be a hobby has now become so much more! With encouragement and support of her husband Kyle, family and friends, Mackee decided to create Wake Pray Create MS.  A platform designed to help you create the space for things that matter most!

Mackee totally understands the struggle of disorganization and how it can negatively impact every part of your life. It can leave you stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy. It can interfere with relationships leaving you feeling alone and isolated.  She is here to alleviate all of that. With your cooperation, creating a plan of action, tackling some problem areas, decluttering and organizing a space, she can help you get back to the people and things that matter most!  Whether its having space to be able to prepare and cook a meal in your kitchen, being able to find items in a crowded pantry or cabinet, decluttering kids bedrooms and play areas, tackling an out of control master closet, getting a garage back in order or creating an office space where you can finally get some work done, Mackee can definitely get you on track to the life you want.

Wake Pray Create guarantees you a professional judge free and strictly confidential experience.

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