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Ameka C.      Brandon, MS

Before working with Mackee, I was super busy and had just moved into a new home. I knew that I didn’t have the dedicated time to organize my closet like I desired to. So I took a leap of faith and entrusted her to get me going in an organized manner.  What I love most about working with Mackee is she pays great attention to detail, she has an eye for detail and she’s super sweet.

Jasmine S.          Gluckstadt, MS

I own my own business and between running and working my business (and now both kids’ businesses), running the kids around to their various activities and all of my other commitments, cleaning and organizing always took a backseat because in the little free time I had, I chose to rest. But I told the Lord, that since Covid slowed everything down I had no excuse not to get my home in order. I absolutely refused for the world to open back up and my house still be in disarray. After making some updates to our home this summer, I called Mackee and told her I was finally ready to start. In 3 weekends, Mackee totally transformed my home and lifted a huge burden that weighed on me physically and mentally. Now I’m excited about being home and not looking at things in disarray with despair and dread

India W.                          Grand Rapids, MI

Working with Mackee really benefited me. I have never hired anyone to help me clean or organize. I was a little nervous and embarrassed at how junky my space was. I was unsure of how it would work doing it virtually. Honestly, I am happy it was virtual. It was less intimidating and she gave me the push I needed. Having her there to guide me and help me decide if I should keep or throw was so HELPFUL. I had been so overwhelmed by my clutter I didn’t know where to start. She were non judgmental and very positive and encouraging. I liked how she thought of some additional ideas for my office space. Very professional. Thanks again and I look forward to working with her on my kitchen and linen closet in the near future.

C. Brooks                     Olive Branch, MS

Before working with Mackee I spent alot of time looking for things that I needed.  Especially in my kitchen pantry and bathroom.  When I could not find something I frequently just went out and bought another one so I would end up with multiples of the same items.  So often items would go bad or expire before I could use them.  Big waste of money!  Now, after working with Mackee, I am able to look in the exact place for the items I need.  I actually find myself putting items back from my shopping cart because I don’t want to create clutter in my newly organized space.  No more buying multiples because I think I’m out of it!  This has saved me time and money!  Thanks Mackee!  I really should have done this sooner!

Angela C.                     Byram MS

My closet had gotten sooo congested & cluttered and I stopped going in there. I would just buy more stuff which still ended up in the closet which only created a bigger problem! Thank God for Mackee as she came to my rescue! She was just what I needed to get my closet together.  She not only organized it, she added beautiful motion sensored lights and other surprising extras! I now feel like I'm stepping into Angela's boutique!

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